Call today for a quote. We pay cash for your Smart Phones, Desktop Computers and Laptops. Hassle-free exchange for your older devices. Sell your used or non-working laptop and get cash, We buy used, or even broken laptops.

Why Sell and Recycle with us?

We Recycle all kinds of Electronics for the price of FREE! Yes that is correct 100% Free. If your electronics still retain any value, we will pay you for your used electronics. Recycling has never been that simple!

Behind E-Recycling:

Recycle-Laptops™ will recycle your old Smart Phone, laptop, Tablet, Desktop Computer or any other electronics in a safe and sustainable way. Many city municipalities have already banned disposing electronic devices in regular trash cans. The reason for this is that e-waste can be highly toxic to our environment. At Recycle-Laptops™ we can assure you that we will dispose of your laptops in an environmentally safe way. Responsible recycling is our goal, and you have our assurance that your collected e-waste will not reach any landfill outside of the U.S.

In Order for us to pay you for an electronic device, the electronic device must not be older than 4 years old. We can buy most electronics mentioned above, but you must fill out a form for a quote, or bring the laptop or electronic device to our business location:

230 Southeast 3rd Street, Suite #109
Bend, OR, 97702

We also dispose any Electronic Free of charge such as TV's, Stereos, Webcams, Microphones, Desktop Computers, Laptops, Monitors, Cables, Cell Phones, Printers, Remote Controls and much more..

In case you don't want to sell your computer, We can also repair it for you. Send us a message by filling out the form or give us a call or a visit for more information about our other services.

We are Fast, Safe and Professional.